Specifying opacity, flow, strength, or exposure

You can specify opacity, flow, strength, or exposure for the following tools:

• Opacity specifies the maximum amount of paint coverage applied by the brush, paintbrush, pencil, clone stamp, pattern stamp, history brush, art history brush, gradient, and paint bucket tools.

• Flow specifies how quickly paint is applied by the brush tool.

• Strength specifies the strength of strokes applied by the smudge, blur, sharpen, and sponge tools.

• Exposure specifies the amount of exposure used by the dodge and burn tools. To specify opacity, flow, strength, or exposure:

Enter a value, or drag the slider for Opacity, Flow, Strength, or Exposure in the options bar.

Opacity, flow, strength, or exposure can range from 1% to 100%. For transparent paint or a weak effect, specify a low percentage value; for more opaque paint or a strong effect, specify a high value.

Press a number key to set a tool's opacity, flow, strength, or exposure in multiples of 10% (pressing 1 sets to 10%, pressing 0 sets to 100%).

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