To add a frame to an animation:

1 In the Rollovers palette, select the state in which you want to display an animation. (See "Using the Rollovers palette" on page 398.)

Adding an animation to the Normal state will cause the animation to play when the image is loaded in a Web browser. Adding an animation to another type of state will cause the animation to play when a user activates the state.

2 Do one of the following:

• In the Animation palette, click the Duplicate Current Frame button j or choose New Frame from the palette menu.

• In the Rollovers palette, click the Create Animation Frame button or choose New Animation Frame from the palette menu.

Note: If the Create Animation Frame button and the New Animation Frame command are not visible in the Rollovers palette, select Include Animation Frames in the Palette Options dialog box. (See "Using the Rollovers palette"on page 398.)

3 Modify the image for the frame using the Layers palette. (See "About working with layers in rollovers and animations" on page 396.)

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