To add a new color:

1 Deselect all colors in the color table (see "Selecting colors" on page 434).

2 Choose a color:

• Click the color selection box in the Save for Web dialog box (Photoshop) or the toolbox (ImageReady), and choose a color from the color picker.

• Select the eyedropper tool ^ in the Save for Web dialog box (Photoshop) or the toolbox (ImageReady) and click in the image.

• Select the eyedropper tool ^, click in the image, hold the mouse down, and drag anywhere on the desktop. You can use this option to select a color displayed in another application, such as a color in a Web page displayed in a browser.

• (ImageReady) Select a color from the Color palette or the Swatches palette.

3 Do one of the following:

• Click the New Color button j in the Color Table palette.

• Select New Color from the Color Table palette menu.

• (ImageReady) Drag the color from the color selection box, Color palette, or Swatches palette to the Color Table palette.

To switch the color table to a Custom palette, hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) when you add the new color.

The new color appears in the color table with a small white square in the lower right corner, indicating that the color is locked. (See "Locking colors in the color table" on page 436.) If the color table is dynamic, the original color is displayed in the upper left and the new color is displayed in the lower right.

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