To adjust droplet batch options:

1 Do one of the following:

• Before you create the droplet, select an action and choose Batch Options from the Actions palette menu.

• After you create the droplet, double-click the droplet to open the droplet window, and double-click Batch Options at the top of the droplet list.

2 Select Original (same name and folder) to save the original file with the same name and in the same folder.

3 Select Optimized to save an optimized version of the file. Then do any of the following:

• For In, choose the location in which you want to save the optimized file.

• For If Duplicate File Name, choose how and whether to append numbers or letters to indicate the optimized file in cases of duplicate filenames.

• For Modify File Name For, choose whether ImageReady appends or rewrites the filename using Windows, Mac OS, or UNIX file-naming conventions.

4 Select playback options:

• Run In Background to hide ImageReady during droplet execution, so that you can work in other applications while processing takes place. When you select Run In Background, other playback options requiring user input during processing are turned off. ImageReady appears when the droplet completes execution.

Note: ImageReady is not available for creating and modifying current images while background processing is taking place.

• Display Image to show the images as they are being processed.

• Pause Before Save to stop the processing of each image before saving it.

5 Choose error options from the Errors menu:

• Stop to suspend the process until you confirm the error message.

• Skip Step to not process steps in which errors are encountered.

• Skip File to not process files in which errors are encountered.

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