To adjust the separation type and black generation:

1 In the Custom CMYK dialog box, select a separation type.

The Separation Options area displays a graph based on current settings showing how neutral colors in the image will separate. In the graph, sometimes called a gray ramp, neutral colors have equal parts of cyan, magenta, and yellow. The horizontal axis represents the neutral color value, from 0% (white) to 100% (black). The vertical axis represents the amount of each ink that will be generated for the given value. In most cases, the cyan curve extends beyond the magenta and yellow curves, because a small extra amount of cyan is required to produce a true neutral.

2 If you selected GCR as the separation type, choose an option for Black Generation:

• None generates the color separation using no black plate.

• The Light and Heavy settings decrease and increase the effect of the Medium setting (the default). In most cases, Medium produces the best results.

• Maximum maps the gray value directly to the black plate. This option is useful for images with a large amount of solid black against a light background, such as screen shots from a computer.

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