To apply a gradient fill:

1 To fill part of the image, select the desired area. Otherwise, the gradient fill is applied to the entire active layer.

2 Select the gradient tool _i.

3 Choose a gradient fill in the options bar:

• Click the triangle next to the gradient sample to pick a preset gradient fill.

• Click inside the gradient sample to view the Gradient Editor. Select a preset gradient fill, or create a new gradient fill. Then click OK. (See "Creating smooth gradient fills" on page 245.)

4 Select an option for applying the gradient fill in the options bar:

• Linear gradient j to shade from the starting point to the ending point in a straight line.

• Radial gradient _l to shade from the starting point to the ending point in a circular pattern.

• Angle gradient lJ to shade in a counterclockwise sweep around the starting point.

• Reflected gradient _l to shade using symmetric linear gradients on either side of the starting point.

• Diamond gradient :: to shade from the starting point outward in a diamond pattern. The ending point defines one corner of the diamond.

5 Do the following in the options bar:

• Specify a blending mode and opacity for the paint. (See "Setting options for painting and editing tools" on page 241.)

• To reverse the order of colors in the gradient fill, select Reverse.

• To create a smoother blend with less banding, select Dither.

• To use a transparency mask for the gradient fill, select Transparency. (See "Specifying the gradient transparency" on page 246.)

6 Position the pointer in the image where you want to set the starting point of the gradient, and drag to define the ending point. To constrain the line angle to a multiple of 45°, hold down Shift as you drag.

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