To apply multiple types of transformations at the same time (Image Ready):

1 Select what you want to transform. (See "Specifying what to transform" on page 181.)

2 Choose Edit > Transform > Numeric.

3 Do one or more of the following, and click OK:

• Select Position and enter values for the new location in the X (horizontal position) and Y (vertical position) text boxes. Select Relative to specify the new position in relation to the current position.

• Select Scale. Enter the dimensions in the W and H text boxes, or enter a scaling percentage in the Scale text box. Select Constrain Proportions to maintain the aspect ratio.

• Select Skew and enter degrees in the H (horizontal skew) and V (vertical skew) text boxes.

• Select Rotate. Enter degrees of rotation in the Angle text box, or drag the in the circle to the right of the text box.

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