To change a spot channel's options:

1 Do one of the following:

• Double-click the spot channel thumbnail in the Channels palette.

• Select the spot channel in the Channels palette, and choose Channel Options from the palette menu.

2 Click the color box, and choose a color. (See "Using the Adobe Color Picker" on page 261.)

By selecting a custom color, your print service can more easily provide the proper ink to reproduce the image. For more information, see "Choosing custom colors (Photoshop)" on page 263.

3 For Solidity, enter a value between 0% and 100%.

This option lets you simulate on-screen the solidity of the printed spot color. A value of 100% simulates an ink that completely covers the inks beneath (such as a metallic ink); 0% simulates a transparent ink that completely reveals the inks beneath (such as a clear varnish). You can also use this option to see where an otherwise transparent spot color (such as a varnish) will appear.

Note: The Solidity and color choice options affect only the on-screen preview and the composite print. They have no effect on the printed separations.

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