To change the embedding behavior of a profile in a document:

1 Choose File > Save As.

2 Do one of the following:

• To toggle the embedding of the document's current color profile, select or deselect ICC Profile (Windows) or Embed Color Profile (Mac OS). This option is available only for the native Photoshop format (.psd) and PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, DCS, and PICT formats.

• To toggle the embedding of the document's current proof profile, select or deselect Use Proof Setup (available for PDF, EPS, DCS 1.0, and DCS 2.0 formats only). Selecting this option converts the document's colors to the proof profile space and is useful for creating an output file for print. For information on setting up a proof profile, see "Soft-proofing colors" on page 113.

3 Name the document, choose other save options, and click Save.

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