To color-manage a document while printing:

1 Choose File > Print with Preview.

2 Select Show More Options and choose Color Management from the pop-up menu.

3 Select an option for Source Space:

• Select Document to reproduce document colors as interpreted by the profile currently assigned to the document.

• Select Proof to reproduce document colors as interpreted by the current proof profile. This option is useful for generating hard proofs of your soft-proof settings. (See "Soft-proofing colors" on page 113.)

4 Under Print Space, choose an option for Profile:

• Choose the profile that matches the color space of your printer to print using that printer space.

• Choose Same As Source to print using the source space profile. No additional conversions will be performed on the colors of the document when it is printed.

• Choose PostScript Color Management to send the document's color data, along with the source space profile, directly to a PostScript Level 2 or higher printer (Level 3 or higher for CMYK images) and have colors managed at the level of the printer. The exact results of the color conversion can vary among printers. Choose this option only if you are printing remotely, if you are printing an RGB EPS file, or if you do not have a profile of the printer's color space. To proof a CMYK image on a PostScript Level 2 printer, choose the Lab Color option.

5 Under Print Space, for Intent, choose a rendering intent to use when converting colors to the destination profile space. (See "Specifying a rendering intent" on page 110.)

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