To create a custom proof setup:

1 Choose View > Proof Setup > Custom.

If you want the custom proof setup to be the default proof setup for documents, close all document windows before choosing the View > Proof Setup > Custom command.

2 Select Preview to display a live preview of the proof settings in the document while the Proof Setup dialog box is open.

3 To use a preset proof setup as a starting point, choose it from the Setup menu. If the desired setup does not appear in the menu, click Load to locate and load the setup.

4 For Profile, choose the color profile for the device for which you want to create the proof.

5 If the proof profile you chose uses the same color mode as the document, do one of the following:

• Select Preserve Color Numbers to simulate how the document will appear without converting colors from the document space to the proof profile space. This simulates the color shifts that may occur when the document's color values are interpreted using the proof profile instead of the document profile.

• Deselect Preserve Color Numbers to simulate how the document will appear if colors are converted from the document space to their nearest equivalents in the proof profile space in an effort to preserve the colors' visual appearances. Then specify a rendering intent for the conversion. (See "Specifying a rendering intent" on page 110.)

6 If needed, select any of the following:

• Simulate Paper White to preview, in the monitor space, the specific shade of white exhibited by the print medium described by the proof profile. Selecting this option automatically selects the Simulate Ink Black option.

• Simulate Ink Black to preview, in the monitor space, the actual dynamic range defined by the proof profile.

The availability of these options depends on the proof profile chosen. Not all profiles support both options.

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