To create a new image:

1 Do one of the following:

• To base the image dimensions and resolution (Photoshop) on the Clipboard contents, choose File > New. If the Clipboard does not contain image data, the image dimensions and resolution are based on the last image you created.

• (Photoshop) To base the image size on the default dimensions and resolution or the last entered settings, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) when you choose File > New.

2 If desired, type a name for the image, and set the width and height.

(Photoshop) To match the width and height of the new image to that of any open image, choose a filename from the bottom section of the Windows menu.

3 (Photoshop) Set the resolution and mode. For more information, see "About image size and resolution" on page 62 and "About color modes and models (Photoshop)" on page 86.

4 Select an option for the contents of the background layer (Photoshop) or first layer (ImageReady) of the image:

• White to fill the background or first layer with white, the default background color.

• Background Color to fill the background or first layer with the current background color. (See "Choosing foreground and background colors" on page 257.)

• Transparent to make the first layer transparent, with no color values. The resulting document will have a single, transparent layer as its contents.

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