To create a noise gradient:

1 Select the gradient tool _i.

2 Click in the gradient sample in the options bar to display the Gradient Editor dialog box.

3 To base the new gradient on an existing gradient, select a gradient in the Presets section of the dialog box.

4 Choose Noise from the Gradient Type pop-up menu.

5 To set the roughness for the entire gradient, enter a value in the Roughness text box, or drag the Roughness pop-up slider.

6 To define the color model, choose a color model from the Color Model list.

7 To adjust the range of colors, drag the sliders. For each color component of the color model you've selected, you can drag the sliders to define the range of acceptable values. For example, if you choose the HSB model, you can restrict the gradient to blue-green hues, high saturation, and medium brightness.

8 Set the options to restrict colors or to add transparency.

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