To create a smooth gradient:

1 Select the gradient tool _i.

2 Click inside the gradient sample in the options bar to display the Gradient Editor dialog box.

3 To base the new gradient on an existing gradient, select a gradient in the Presets section of the dialog box.

4 Choose Solid from the Gradient Type pop-up menu.

5 To define the starting color of the gradient, click the left color stop under the gradient bar. The triangle above the stop turns black, indicating that the starting color is being edited.

6 To choose a color, do one of the following:

• Double-click the color stop, or click the color swatch in the Stops section of the dialog box. Choose a color, and click OK. For information on choosing a color, see "Using the Adobe Color Picker" on page 261.

• Choose an option from the Color pop-up menu in the Stops section of the dialog box.

• Position the pointer over the gradient bar (the pointer turns into the eyedropper), and click to sample a color, or click anywhere in the image to sample a color from the image.

7 To define the ending color, click the right color stop under the gradient bar. Then choose a color as described in step 5.

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