To display image information in the document window (Image Ready):

1 Click an image information box at the bottom of the document window.

2 Select a view option:

• Original/Optimized File Size to view the original and optimized file size images. The first value indicates the original image file size. The second value (present if the original image has been optimized) indicates the optimized image file size and file format based on the current settings in the Optimize palette.

• Optimized Information to view the file format, file size, number of colors, and dither percentage for the optimized image.

• Image Dimensions to view the image's pixel dimensions.

• Watermark Strength to view the strength of the Digimarc digital watermark in the optimized image, if present.

• Undo/Redo Status to view the number of undos and redos that are available for the image.

• Original in Bytes to view the size of the original, flattened image expressed in bytes.

• Optimized in Bytes to view the size of the optimized image expressed in bytes.

• Optimized Savings to view the percentage of the optimized image file size reduction, followed by the difference in bytes between the original and optimized sizes.

• Size/Download Time to view the file size for the optimized image and estimated download time using the selected modem speed.

Note: Download times may vary based on Internet traffic and modem compression schemes. The value displayed is an approximation.

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