To draw with the pen tool:

2 Set the following tool-specific options:

• To add an anchor point when you click a line segment and delete an anchor point when you click it, select Auto Add/Delete in the options bar. (See "Adding, deleting, and converting anchor points" on page 216.)

• To preview path segments as you draw, click the inverted arrow ▼ next to the shape buttons in the options bar, and select Rubber Band.

3 Position the pen pointer where you want to begin to draw, and click to define the first anchor point.

4 Click or drag to set anchor points for additional segments. (See "Drawing straight segments with the pen tool" on page 205 and "Drawing curves with the pen tool" on page 206.)

5 Complete the path:

• To end an open path, Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) away from the path.

• To close a path, position the pen pointer over the first anchor point. A small loop appears next to the pen tip when it is positioned correctly. Click to close the path.

For more information on closed and open paths, see "About anchor points, direction lines, direction points, and components" on page 210.

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