To edit dual tip options for a brush:

1 In the Brushes palette, select Dual Brush on the left side of the palette. Be sure to click the name, rather than the check box, to select the item.

2 Select a blending mode to use when combining brush marks from the primary tip and the dual tip. (See "Selecting a blending mode" on page 241.)

3 Select a tip for the dual brush from the list below the Mode pop-up menu.

4 Set one or more of the following options:

Diameter Controls the size of the dual tip. Enter a value in pixels, drag the slider, or click Use Sample Size to use the original diameter of the brush tip. (The Use Sample Size option is only available if the brush tip shape was created by sampling pixels in an image.)

Spacing Controls the distance between the dual tip brush marks in a stroke. To change the spacing, type a number, or use the slider to enter a value that is a percentage of the tip diameter.

Scatter Specifies how dual tip brush marks are distributed in a stroke. When Both Axis is selected, dual tip brush marks are distributed in a radial direction. When Both Axis is deselected, dual tip brush marks are distributed perpendicular to the stroke path. To specify the maximum percentage of scattering, type a number or use the slider to enter a value.

Count Specifies the number of dual tip brush marks applied at each spacing interval. Type a number, or use the slider to enter a value.

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