To extend distortions in frozen areas into unfrozen areas:

1 Freeze part of the areas you have changed. (For reconstruction, the image borders are also treated as if they are frozen.)

2 Choose one of these reconstruction modes from the Mode menu in the Reconstruction section of the dialog box:

• Rigid to maintain right angles in the pixel grid (as shown by the mesh) at the edges between frozen and unfrozen areas, sometimes producing near-discontinuities at the edges. This restores the unfrozen areas to something close to their original appearance. (To restore their original appearance, use Revert reconstruction mode.)

• Stiff acts like a weak magnetic field. At the edges between frozen and unfrozen areas, the unfrozen areas continue the distortions in the frozen areas. As the distance from frozen areas increases, the distortions lessen.

• Smooth to propagate the distortions in frozen areas throughout unfrozen areas, with smoothly continuous distortions.

• Loose to produce effects similar to Smooth, with even greater continuity between distortions in frozen and unfrozen areas.

Reconstruction based on distortions in frozen areas:

A. Original image B. Distorted with frozen areas C. Reconstructed in Rigid mode (using button)

D. Thawed, edges reconstructed in Smooth mode (using tool)

3 Do one of the following:

• To reconstruct one or more unfrozen areas, select the reconstruct tool ', and hold down the mouse button or drag over the area. Pixels move more quickly at the brush center. Shift-click to reconstruct in a straight line between the current point and the previous point that you clicked or Shift-clicked.

• To reconstruct all unfrozen areas, click Reconstruct. The image changes until reconstruction in the current mode is complete. To partially reconstruct the unfrozen areas, press Esc or press Command+period (Mac OS) during reconstruction.

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