To find and replace a word:

1 Select the layer that contains the text you want to find and replace.

2 Choose Edit > Find and Replace.

3 In the Find What box, type or paste the text you want to find. To change the text, type the new text in the Change To text box.

4 Select Case Sensitive if you want to search for a word or words that exactly match the case of the text in the Find What text box. For example, a search for "PrePress" will not find "Prepress" or "PREPRESS."

5 Select Whole Word Only if you want to disregard the search text if it is embedded within a larger word. For example, if you are searching for "any" as a whole word, "many" will be disregarded.

6 Click Find Next to begin the search.

7 Click the button that reflects what you want to do next.

• Change replaces the found text with the revised text. To repeat the search, select Find Next.

• Change/Find replaces the found text with the revised text and then searches for the next occurrence.

• Change All searches for and replaces all occurrences of the found text.

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