To move or reshape the wire frame:

1 Select the selection tool t or direct selection tool > in the 3D Transform dialog box.

2 Do either of the following:

• Drag an edge of the wire frame to move the entire frame.

• With the direct selection tool, drag an anchor point on the wire frame to move that anchor point.

Note: The wire frame turns red if you try to make a wire frame that would be impossible to re-create in three dimensions.

3 If you are creating a complex cylinder, do any of the following:

• To add an anchor point to a cylinder, select the add anchor point tool -4+ in the dialog box, and click the right side of the wire frame. For example, you can add an anchor point to more closely fit the cylindrical wire frame to a picture of a bottle.

• To change an added anchor point from a smooth anchor point to a corner anchor point and vice versa, select the convert anchor point tool l , and click the point. A smooth anchor point creates a gentle curve when you adjust it; a corner anchor point creates a sharp corner.

• To delete an added anchor point, select the delete anchor point tool and click the point.

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