To open a Photo CD file:

1 Choose File > Open.

2 Select the PCD file you want to open, and click Open. If the file does not appear, select the option for showing all files from the Files of Type (Windows) or Show (Mac OS) menu.

3 Select options for the source image:

• Pixel Size to specify the pixel dimensions of the image. Keep in mind that the on-screen size of the opened image depends on both the pixel size and resolution you choose. (See "About image size and resolution" on page 62.)

• Profile to specify a device profile for color management. (See "About color management" on page 102.)

4 Select options for the destination image:

• Resolution to specify the resolution of the opened image.

• Color Space to specify a color profile for the opened image. (See "About color management" on page 102.)

• Landscape or Portrait to specify the orientation of the opened image. Opening Raw files (Photoshop)

The Raw format is designed to accommodate images saved in undocumented formats, such as those created by scientific applications. Compressed files, such as PICT and GIF, cannot be opened using this format.

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