To resize or transform a type bounding box:

1 Display the bounding box handles:

• (Photoshop) With the type tool active, select the type layer in the Layers palette, and click in the text flow in the image.

• (ImageReady) With the type tool active, select the type layer. If the bounding box handles don't appear, make sure that the Text Bounds option is selected in the View > Show submenu.

2 Drag to achieve the desired effect:

• To resize the bounding box, position the pointer over a handle—the pointer turns into a double arrow \—and drag. Shift-drag to maintain the proportion of the bounding box.

• (Photoshop) To rotate the bounding box, position the pointer outside of the bounding border—the pointer turns into a curved, two-sided arrow ^—and drag. Shift-drag to constrain the rotation to 15° increments. To change the center of rotation, Ctrl-drag (Windows) or Command-drag (Mac OS) the center point to a new location. The center point can be outside the bounding box.

• (Photoshop) To skew the bounding box, hold down Ctrl+Shift (Windows) or

Command+Shift (Mac OS) and drag a side handle. The pointer turns into an arrowhead with a small double arrow h,.

Illustration of skewing type using the bounding box

• (Photoshop) To scale the type as you resize the bounding box, Ctrl-drag (Windows) or Command-drag (Mac OS) a corner handle.

Note: You can also transform type layers using the transformation commands in the Edit menu, except for Perspective and Distort.

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