To save a file in JPEG format:

1 Save the artwork, and choose JPEG from the Format menu. (See "Saving files" on page 446.)

2 In the JPEG Options dialog box, select the options you want, and click OK.

Matte If the image contains transparency, select a Matte color to simulate the appearance of background transparency.

Image Options To specify the image quality, choose an option from the Quality menu, drag the Quality pop-up slider, or enter a value between 0 and 13 in the Quality text box.

Format Options Select Baseline ("Standard") to use a format recognized by most Web browsers, Baseline Optimized for optimized color and a slightly smaller file size, Progressive to display a series of increasingly detailed scans (you specify how many) as the image downloads. Baseline Optimized and Progressive JPEG images are not supported by all Web browsers.

Size To view the estimated download time, select a modem speed. (The Size preview is only available when Preview is selected.)

Note: Some applications may not be able to read a CMYK file saved in JPEG format. In addition, if you find that a Java application cannot read your JPEG file (in any color mode), try saving the file without a thumbnail preview.

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