To save a set of preset styles as a library:

1 Do one of the following:

• Choose Save Styles from the Styles palette menu.

• (Photoshop) Select Styles on the left side of the Layer Styles dialog box. (See "Applying preset styles" on page 302.) Then choose Save Styles from the pop-up menu.

• (Photoshop) When using a shape or pen tool, click the layer style thumbnail in the options bar. Then choose Save Styles from the pop-up palette menu.

2 Choose a location for the style library, enter a filename, and click Save.

You can save the library anywhere. However, if you place the library file in the Presets/

Styles folder inside the Photoshop program folder, the library name will appear at the bottom of the Styles palette menu when you restart the application.

Note: You can also use the Preset Manager to rename, delete, and save libraries of preset styles. For more information, see "Managing libraries with the Preset Manager

(Photoshop)"on page 54.

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