To save an optimized image:

1 Select the view with the desired optimization settings, and do one of the following:

• (Photoshop) Click Save in the Save For Web dialog box.

• (ImageReady) Choose File > Save Optimized to save the file in its current state. If you previously saved the optimized file using the File > Save Optimized command, applying the command again saves the file with the filename and Save options specified in the first save operation. The Save dialog box does not appear.

• (ImageReady) Choose File > Save Optimized As to save an alternate version of the file with a different filename.

2 Type a filename, and choose a location for the resulting file or files.

3 Choose a Format option:

• HTML and Images to generate all files required to use your artwork as a Web page. This includes an HTML file and separate image files for the slices in the artwork. The HTML file includes code for any links, image maps, and other effects in the document.

• Images Only to save your artwork with the specified optimization settings. If the artwork contains multiple slices, each slice is saved as a separate file.

• HTML Only to generate an HTML file but not save any image files.

4 To set preferences for saving image files and HTML files, choose predefined output options from the Settings pop-up menu, or choose Other to set different options.

(See "Setting output options" on page 442.)

5 Choose an option for slices from the pop-up menu:

• All Slices to save all slices in the image.

• Selected Slices to save only the selected slices. If you select this option in conjunction with the HTML and Images option, ImageReady or Photoshop generates the HTML code based on the outermost bounds of the selected slices, and generates auto-slices as needed to create a complete HTML table.

Note: You must select the desired slices before starting this procedure.

• (ImageReady) A slice selection to save only the slices in the selection. You must save a slice selection in order for this option to appear in the menu. (See "Selecting slices" on page 373.)

6 Click Save.

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