To select a color range using preset colors:

1 Choose Select > Color Range.

2 For Select, choose a color or tonal range. The Out-of-Gamut option works only on RGB and Lab images. (An out-of-gamut color is an RGB or Lab color that cannot be printed using process color printing. See "Color gamuts (Photoshop)" on page 91.)

3 Click Selection to display the selected areas in the preview area.

4 To preview the selection in the image window, choose an option for Selection Preview:

• None to display no preview in the image window.

• Grayscale to display the selection as it would appear in a grayscale channel.

• Black Matte to display the selection in color against a black background.

• White Matte to display the selection in color against a white background.

• Quick Mask to display the selection using the current quick mask settings.

(See "Creating temporary masks in Quick Mask mode (Photoshop)" on page 278.)

5 To revert to the original selection, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS), and click Reset.

Note: If a message appears stating "No pixels are more than 50% selected," the selection border will not be visible. You may have selected a color, such as red, when the image didn't contain the fully saturated color.

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