To select a color range using sampled colors:

1 Choose Select > Color Range.

2 For Select, choose the Sampled Colors tool

3 Select one of the display options:

• Selection to preview only the selection as you build it.

• Image to preview the entire image. For example, you might want to sample from a part of the image that isn't on-screen.

9 To toggle between the Image and Selection previews in the Color Range dialog box, press Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS).

4 Position the pointer over the image or preview area, and click to sample the colors you want included.

f* Selection C Image

Selection Preview: | None -

f* Selection C Image

Selection Preview: | None -

Sampling color

5 Adjust the range of colors using the Fuzziness slider or by entering a value. To decrease the range of colors selected, decrease the value. The Fuzziness option partially selects pixels by controlling the degree to which related colors are included in the selection (whereas the Tolerance option for the magic wand and paint bucket options increases the range of colors that are fully selected).

Increasing Fuzziness expands selection
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