To set automatic hyphenation options:

1 Choose Hyphenation from the Paragraph palette menu.

2 Enter values for the following options:

• Words Longer Than _ Letters to specify the minimum number of characters for hyphenated words.

• After First _ Letters and Before Last _ Letters to specify the minimum number of characters at the beginning or end of a word that can be broken by a hyphen. For example, by specifying 3 for these values, aromatic would be hyphenated as aro- matic instead of ar- omatic or aromat- ic.

• Hyphen Limit to specify the maximum number of hyphens that can appear on consecutive lines. Zero means unlimited hyphens.

• Hyphenation Zone to specify the distance at the end of a line that will cause a word to break in unjustified type. This option applies only when using the single-line composer. (See "About composition methods" on page 362.)

3 To prevent capitalized words from being hyphenated, deselect Hyphenate Capitalized Words. Then click OK.

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