To set history options:

1 Choose History Options from the History palette menu.

2 Select an option:

• Automatically Create First Snapshot to automatically create a snapshot of the initial state of the image when the document is opened.

• Automatically Create New Snapshot When Saving to generate a snapshot every time you save.

• Allow Non-Linear History to make changes to a selected state without deleting the states that come after. Normally, when you select a state and change the image, all states that come after the selected one are deleted. This enables the History palette to display a list of the editing steps in the order you made them. By recording states in a nonlinear way, you can select a state, make a change to the image, and delete just that state. The change will be appended at the end of the list.

• Show New Snapshot Dialog By Default to force Photoshop to prompt you for snapshot names even when using the buttons on the palette.

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