To set image map display preferences:

1 Do one of the following:

• In Windows and Mac OS 9.x, choose Edit > Preferences > Image Maps.

• In Mac OS X, choose ImageReady > Preferences > Image Maps.

2 To change the color of image map lines, choose a color from the Line Color pop-up menu. Changing the color of image map lines also changes the line color of selected image map areas to a contrasting color.

3 To change the strength of image map color adjustments, enter a value, or choose a value from the Image Map Overlay pop-up slider. The value determines the extent of color adjustments that dim the brightness and contrast of unselected image map areas.

4 To display image map lines only and deselect color adjustment display, select Show Lines Only.

5 To show a bounding box for circular image map areas, select Show Bounding Box.

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