To set output options:

1 Choose File > Print with Preview.

2 Select Show More Options, and choose Output from the pop-up menu. Note: Options not supported by the designated printer are dimmed.

3 Set one or more of the following options:

Background Lets you select a background color to be printed on the page outside the image area. For example, a black or colored background may be desirable for slides printed to a film recorder. To use this option, click Background, and then select a color from the Color Picker dialog box. This is a printing option only; it does not affect the image itself.

Border Lets you print a black border around an image. Type in a number and choose a unit value to specify the width of the border.

Bleed Lets you print crop marks inside rather than outside the image. Use this option when you want to trim the image within the graphic. Type a number and choose a unit value to specify the width of the bleed.

Screen Lets you set the screen frequency and dot shape for each screen used in the printing process. (See "Selecting halftone screen attributes" on page 475.)

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