To specify the dot gain at the standard 50% mark:

1 Print a hard proof with calibration bars included. (See "Setting output options" on page 473.)

2 Using a reflective densitometer, take a reading at the 50% mark of the printed calibration bar.

3 In the Custom CMYK dialog box, for Dot Gain, choose Standard. Then enter the total amount of dot gain measured by the densitometer. For example, if the densitometer reading is 54%, enter 4 in the text box to specify a dot gain of 4%.

Note: If you don't have a densitometer, adjust the Dot Gain value until the image onscreen looks like the proof, and then add that value to your printer's estimate of the expected dot gain between proof and final output.

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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

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