To specify what to transform:

Do one of the following:

• To transform an entire layer, make the layer active, and make sure nothing is selected.

Important: You cannot transform the background layer. However,you can convert a background layer to a regular layer. (See "Adding layers and layer sets" on page 286.)

• To transform part of a layer, select the layer, and then select part of the image on that layer.

• To transform multiple layers, link the layers together in the Layers palette. (See "Linking layers" on page 289.)

• To transform a layer mask or a vector mask, unlink the mask, and select the mask thumbnail in the Layers palette. (See "Masking layers" on page 314.)

• (Photoshop) To transform a path or vector shape, use the path selection tool t to select the entire path or the direct selection tool > to select part of the path. If you select one

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