To transform the perspective in an image:

1 Select the crop tool \. and set the crop mode. (See "Cropping images" on page 178.)

2 Drag the cropping marquee around an object that was rectangular in the original scene (although it doesn't appear rectangular in the image). You'll use the edges of this object to define the perspective in the image. The marquee doesn't have to be precise—you'll adjust it later.

Important: You must select an object that was rectangular in the original scene or Photoshop will not be able to transform the perspective in the image.

3 Select Perspective in the options bar, and set the other options as desired. (See "Cropping images" on page 178.)

4 Move the corner handles of the cropping marquee to match the object's edges. This defines the perspective in the image, so it is important to precisely match the object's edges.

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