To use the Calculations command:

1 Open the source image or images.

Note: If you are using more than one source image, the images must have the same pixel dimensions.

2 Choose Image > Calculations.

3 Select Preview to preview the results in the image window.

4 Choose the first source image, layer, and channel. To use all the layers in the source image, choose Merged for Layer.

5 Select Invert to use the negative of the channel contents in the calculation. For Channel, choose Gray to get the same effect as would be obtained by converting the image to a grayscale image.

6 Choose the second source image, layer, and channel, specifying further options as described in step 5.

7 For Blending, choose a blending mode.

For information on the Add and Subtract modes, see "About the Add and Subtract blending modes" on page 277. For information on other blending modes, see "Selecting a blending mode" on page 241.

8 Enter an opacity to specify the effect's strength.

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Adobe Photoshop can be a complex tool only because you can do so much with it, however for in this video series, we're going to keep it as simple as possible. In fact, in this video you'll see an overview of the few tools and Adobe Photoshop features we will use. When you see this video, you'll see how you can do so much with so few features, but you'll learn how to use them in depth in the future videos.

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