To use the Gradient Map command:

1 Open the Gradient Map dialog box. (See "Making color adjustments" on page 132.)

2 Specify the gradient fill you want to use:

• To choose from a list of gradient fills, click the triangle to the right of the gradient fill displayed in the Gradient Map dialog box. Click to select the desired gradient fill, and then click in a blank area of the dialog box to dismiss the list. (See "Managing libraries with the Preset Manager (Photoshop)" on page 54 for information on customizing the gradient fill list.)

• To edit the gradient fill currently displayed in the Gradient Map dialog box, click the gradient fill. Then modify the existing gradient fill or create a new gradient fill. (See "Creating smooth gradient fills" on page 245.)

By default, the shadows, midtones, and highlights of the image are mapped respectively to the starting (left) color, midpoint, and ending (right) color of the gradient fill.

3 Select either, none, or both of the Gradient Options:

• Dither adds random noise to smooth the appearance of the gradient fill and reduce banding effects.

• Reverse switches the direction of the gradient fill, reversing the gradient map.

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