To use the Info palette and the eyedropper or color sampler tool to see color values:

1 Choose Window > Info to open the Info palette.

2 Select the eyedropper tool ^ or color sampler tool ^ , and choose a sample size in the options bar:

• Point Sample to read the value of a single pixel.

• 3 by 3 Average to read the average value of a 3-by-3 pixel area.

• 5 by 5 Average to read the average value of a 5-by-5 pixel area.

3 If you selected the color sampler tool, place up to four color samplers on the image.

Click where you want to place a sampler.

4 Open an adjustment dialog box. (See "Making color adjustments" on page 132.)

5 Make your adjustments in the dialog box, and before applying them, view the before and after color values in the Info palette:

• To view color values using the eyedropper tool, move the pointer over the area of the image you want to examine. Opening an adjustment dialog box activates the eyedropper tool outside the dialog box. You still have access to the scroll controls and to the hand and zoom tools by using keyboard shortcuts.

• To view the color values under the color samplers, look at the lower half of the Info palette. To place additional color samplers in the image while the adjustment dialog box is open, Shift-click in the image.

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