To use the paintbrush tool, pencil tool, or airbrush tool:

1 Specify a foreground color. (See "Choosing foreground and background colors" on page 257.)

2 Select the paintbrush tool .', pencil tool ,,/, or airbrush tool '/--.

3 Do the following in the options bar:

• Choose a preset brush. (See "Working with brushes" on page 228.)

• Specify a blending mode. (See "Selecting a blending mode" on page 241.)

• For the paintbrush tool and pencil tool, specify an opacity. (See "Specifying opacity, flow, strength, or exposure" on page 243.)

• For the airbrush tool, specify a paint flow. (See "Specifying opacity, flow, strength, or exposure" on page 243.)

• For the pencil tool, select Auto Erase to paint the background color over areas containing the foreground color. (See "Using the Auto Erase option" on page 226.)

4 Do one or more of the following:

• To draw a straight line, click a starting point in the image. Then hold down Shift, and click an ending point.

• When using the brush tool as an airbrush, hold down the mouse button without dragging to build up color.

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