To use the pattern stamp tool:

1 Select the pattern stamp tool '4=., and do the following in the options bar:

• Choose a brush and set brush options. (See "Working with brushes" on page 228.)

• Specify a blending mode, opacity, and flow. (See "Setting options for painting and editing tools" on page 241.)

• Select a pattern from the Pattern pop-up palette. (See "Creating and managing patterns" on page 252.)

• Determine how you want to align the sampled pixels. If you select Aligned, you can release the mouse button without losing the current sampling point. As a result, the sampled pixels are applied continuously, no matter how many times you stop and resume painting. If you deselect Aligned, the sampled pixels are applied from the initial sampling point each time you stop and resume painting.

• Select Impressionist to apply the pattern with an impressionistic effect.

2 Drag in the image.

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