To use the Trace Contour filter:

1 Choose Filter > Stylize > Trace Contour.

2 Choose an Edge option to outline areas in the selection: Lower outlines where the color values of pixels fall below the specified level, and Upper outlines where the color values fall above.

3 Enter a threshold (Level) for evaluating color values (tonal level), from 0 to 255. Experiment to see what values bring out the best detail in the image.

Use the Info palette in Grayscale mode to identify a color value that you want traced. Then enter the value in the Level text box. (See "Using the Info palette (Photoshop)" on page 32.)

Wind Creates tiny horizontal lines in the image to simulate a wind effect. Methods include Wind; Blast, for a more dramatic wind effect; and Stagger, which offsets the wind lines in the image.

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