UCA. See undercolor addition UCR. See undercolor removal Uncompensated Color command 92 undercolor addition (UCA) 125 undercolor removal (UCR) 124 underlining type 355 Underlying Layer option 300 Underpainting filter 323,327 Undo command 37 Undo/Redo Status option 49 undoing changes 37 Ungroup command 320 ungrouping clipping groups 320 Unify Layer Position button 397 Unify Layer Style button 397 Unify Layer Visibility button 397 Unlink All command 383 Unlink Sets command 383 unlocking colors 437 slices 378 Unsharp Mask filter 155

after resampling 66 unsharp masking 155 Unsharpen Mask filter 333 Unshift All Colors command 436 untagged documents. See tagged documents Updates command 8 URLs assigning to image maps 389 assigning to slices 379 Use Accurate Screens option 476,482 Use All Layers option 161, 292 Use Embedded Color Profile command 92 Use Pixel Doubling preference 92 Use Printer's Default Screens option 475 Use Shift Key for Tool Switch 25 Use Unified Color Table option 423 Use Video Alpha option 288 user slices. See slices USM. See unsharp masking

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