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4 Make sure Open Acquired Images in Photoshop is checked. If you have a large number of images to import, or if you want to edit the images at a later time, deselect it.

5 Make sure Unique Subfolder is selected if you want to save the imported images directly into a folder named with the current date.

6 Select the scanner that you want to use.

Note: If the name of your scanner does not appear in the submenu, verify that the software and drivers were properly installed and that the scanner is connected.

7 Choose the kind of image you want to scan:

• Color picture to use the default settings for scanning color images.

• Grayscale picture to use the default settings for scanning grayscale images.

• Black and White picture or Text to use the default settings.

• Click Adjust the Quality of the Scanned Picture to use custom settings.

8 Click preview to view the scan. Crop the scan if needed by pulling the rectangle so it surrounds the image.

9 Click Scan.

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