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How To Render Cars In Photoshop

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Color options Whether you're creating artwork for print or Web, Photoshop lets you choose the color mode that's best for the job. When you're creating imagery for four-color printing, you can work more efficiently—and use a wider range of filters—by creating the art in RGB mode. Use the Gamut Warning command to identify colors that can't be reproduced in CYMK so you won't be disappointed with the results when you convert the finished, flattened file to CMYK.See "About color modes and models (Photoshop)" on page 86 and "Identifying out-of-gamut colors (Photoshop)" on page 136.

Precision print controls Photoshop gives you precise controls for printing full-color images, spot colors, duotones, or grayscale and black-and-white art. For high-end prepress workflows, there are even controls for dot gain, black-plate generation, and more. See "Printing images" on page 470, "Adding spot colors (Photoshop)" on page 272, "Printing duotones" on page 479, and "Setting output options" on page 473.

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