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• To specify the lasso's sensitivity to edges in the image, enter a value between 1% and 100% for Edge Contrast. A higher value detects only edges that contrast sharply with their surroundings; a lower value detects lower-contrast edges.

• To specify the rate at which the lasso sets fastening points, enter a value between 0 and 100 for Frequency. A higher value anchors the selection border in place more quickly.

On an image with well-defined edges, try a higher width and higher edge contrast, and trace the border roughly. On an image with softer edges, try a lower width and lower edge contrast, and trace the border more precisely.

• To change the lasso cursor to indicate the lasso width, press the Caps Lock key on the keyboard. Change the cursor while the tool is selected but not in use.

• If you are working with a stylus tablet, select or deselect the Stylus Pressure option. When the option is selected, an increase in stylus pressure will cause the edge width to decrease.

9 While creating a selection, you can press ] to increase the magnetic lasso edge width by 1 pixel; press [ to decrease the width by 1 pixel.

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