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8 To adjust the location of the starting point or ending point, do one of the following:

• Drag the corresponding color stop left or right to the location you want.

• Click the corresponding color stop, and enter a value for Location in the Stops section of the dialog box. A value of 0% places the point at the far left end of the gradient bar, a value of 100% at the far right end.

9 To adjust the location of the midpoint (where the gradient displays an even mix of the starting and ending colors), drag the diamond below the gradient bar to the left or right, or click the diamond and enter a value for Location.

10 To delete the color stop you are editing, click Delete.

11 To set the smoothness for the entire gradient, enter a value in the Smoothness text box, or drag the Smoothness pop-up slider.

12 If desired, set transparency values for the gradient. (See "Specifying the gradient transparency" on page 246.)

13 Enter a name for the new gradient.

14 To save the gradient as a preset, click New after you have finished creating the gradient.

Note: New presets are saved in a Preferences file so that they persist between editing sessions. If this file is deleted or damaged, or if you reset presets to the default library, the new presets will be lost. To permanently save new presets, save them in a library. (See "Managing gradients"on page 248.)

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