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3 Do one of the following:

• If you are generating a pattern in the same layer that contains the sample, select the rectangular marquee tool , in the Pattern Maker dialog box, and select the area from which you want to generate the pattern. To move the selection marquee, drag it to a different location.

• If you are generating a pattern in a new layer or file, select Use Clipboard as Sample in the Pattern Maker dialog box.

4 Specify the dimensions of tiles in the generated pattern by doing one of the following:

• Enter pixel values in the Width and Height text boxes, or drag the pop-up sliders.

• Click Use Image Size to use the image size as the tile size. Selecting this option produces a pattern with a single tile.

5 To offset the tiles in the generated pattern, choose a direction from the Offset pop-up menu and specify an offset amount by entering a value in the Amount text box or dragging the Amount pop-up slider. The offset amount is a percentage of the tile dimension in the specified direction.

6 Click Generate. The preview area is tiled with the generated pattern. (See "Previewing patterns" on page 255.)

You can view the status of the current generation in the Photoshop status bar. Press Esc to cancel the generation.

7 Click Generate Again to generate additional patterns using the same options, or adjust the options and then click Generate Again.

You can navigate through the generated tiles using the Tile History panel. (See "Reviewing tiles and pattern previews" on page 256.)

8 When you are satisfied with a pattern preview and you have saved the tiles that you might want to use in the future, click OK. (See "Reviewing tiles and pattern previews" on page 256.)

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