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4 If the dialog box contains a preview window, use the following methods to preview the effect:

• If the dialog box contains sliders, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) while dragging a slider to see a real-time preview (real-time rendering) of the effect.

• Click in the image window to center a specific area of the image in the preview window. Note: This does not work with all preview windows.

• Drag in the preview window to center a specific area of the image in the window.

• Use the + or - button under the preview window to zoom in or zoom out on the preview.

A flashing line beneath the preview size indicates that the preview is still being rendered.

5 If available, select the Preview option to preview the filter effect on the entire image.

A progress indicator in the status bar (Windows) or progress bar (Mac OS) lets you gauge the time remaining until the filter is applied.

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