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How To Render Cars In Photoshop

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Crystallize Clumps pixels into a solid color in a polygon shape.

Facet (Photoshop) Clumps pixels of solid or similar colors into blocks of like-colored pixels. You can use this filter to make a scanned image look hand painted or to make a realistic image resemble an abstract painting.

Fragment (Photoshop) Creates four copies of the pixels in the selection, averages them, and offsets them from each other.

Mezzotint Converts an image to a random pattern of black-and-white areas or of fully saturated colors in a color image. To use the filter, choose a dot pattern from the Type menu in the Mezzotint dialog box.

Mosaic (Photoshop) Clumps pixels into square blocks. The pixels in a given block are the same color, and the colors of the blocks represent the colors in the selection.

Pointillize Breaks up the color in an image into randomly placed dots, as in a pointillist painting, and uses the background color as a canvas area between the dots.

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