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How To Render Cars In Photoshop

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Image Previews options (Mac OS) Saves thumbnail data for the file. Thumbnails display in the Open dialog box. You can set these image preview options: Icon to use the preview as a file icon on the desktop, Full Size to save a 72-ppi version for use in applications that can only open low-resolution Photoshop images, Macintosh Thumbnail to display the preview in the Open dialog box, and Windows Thumbnail to save a preview that can display on Windows systems. Keep in mind that Windows thumbnails increase the size of files as delivered by Web servers.

Use Lower Case Extension (Windows) Makes the file extension lowercase.

File Extension options (Mac OS) Specifies the format for file extensions. Select Append to add the format's extension to a filename and Use Lower Case to make the extension lowercase.

Important: To display image preview and file extension options when saving files in Mac OS, select Ask When Saving for the Image Previews option and the Append File Extension option in the Preferences dialog box. For more information, see "Setting preferences for saving files (Photoshop)"on page 463.

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