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3 If you are using the filter for the first time, click the Personalize button. Get a Digimarc ID by clicking Info to launch your Web browser and visit the Digimarc Web site at, or by contacting Digimarc at the telephone number listed in the dialog box. Enter your PIN and ID number in the Digimarc ID text box, and click OK.

(Once you have entered a Digimarc ID, the Personalize button becomes a Change button, allowing you to enter a new Digimarc ID.)

4 Enter a copyright year for the image.

5 Select any of the following image attributes:

• Restricted Use to limit the use of the image.

• Adult Content to label the image contents as suitable for adults only. (Within Photoshop, this option does not limit access to adult-only images, but future versions of other applications may limit their display.)

• Do Not Copy to specify that the image should not be copied.

6 For Target Output, specify whether the image is intended for monitor, Web, or print display.

7 For Watermark Durability, drag the slider or enter a value, as described in the next section.

8 Select Verify to automatically assess the watermark's durability after it is embedded (see "Using the signal strength meter" on page 462).

9 Click OK.

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